Windmill – September 2013

The next Windmill will start at 7pm on Tue 24th Sept at David and Pam Cundall’s house, 1 Gledhow Park Road, Leeds, LS7 4JX.

It will be led by Anna Harris, based on Jeremy Rifkin’s book The Third Industrial Revolution. Jeremy Rifkin sees in the merging of renewable energy production with the internet, a democratising and transformational influence on social relationships in education, health, the economy, and paving the way for a partnership with nature and the biosphere.

‘In the twenty-first century many people will be generating their own green energy in their homes, offices and factories and sharing it with one another across intelligent distributed electricity networks, – intergrids – just like people now create their own information and share it on the internet’.

Rifkin’s book The Third Industrial Revolution, how lateral power is transforming energy, the economy, and the world, is a beacon of hope in desperate times. Third Industrial Revolution (TIR) and its 5 pillars has been endorsed by the EU and already several European cities have invited the TIR team to plan the transition to a post carbon economy, eg Rome, Utrecht, Nord-pas de Calais, even Kazakhstan.

If at all possible, please read the book before the 24th September Windmill. Or Wikipedia has a section on Jeremy Rifkin,which seems up to date, and there are many videos and articles cited there.

Newcomers and friends are very welcome. Please bring a small amount of food to share. If you can’t make it for 7pm, you can skip the food and come at 7:30pm. We finish by 10pm with an opportunity to leave earlier at around 9pm.

Suggestions for future Windmills would be most welcome. The following Windmill will be on November 12th.

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