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Leeds Schumacher Lectures 2008

Transforming the Global Economy Solutions for a Sustainable World
Susan George
Ann Pettifor
Andrew Simms
October 4th, at Leeds Metropolitan University Civic Quarter Site
Transforming the Global Economy Solutions for a Sustainable World

The Leeds Schumacher Lectures 2008 addressed the issues of economic justice and ecological sustainability posed by the increasing dominance of global corporations in the international  economy.  The three speakers are internationally recognised as leading activists in the quest for an alternative, just and sustainable international economic order, and the intention of this day of lectures and dialogue is to inform and inspire effective local action in support of practical initiatives aimed at creating this new order.


Susan George Susan George is one of the most outstanding defenders of alternative globalization.  She is Chair of the Planning Board of the Transnational Institute, having previously served on the Board of Greenpeace International as well as that of Greenpeace France. She has acted as a consultant to various United Nations specialised agencies. Her books include Hijacking America: How the Religious and Secular Right Changed What Americans Think ,  Another World is Possible if… ,  Faith and Credit: the World Bank’s Secular Empire ,  The Debt Boomerang ,  Ill Fares the Land ,  A Fate Worse than Debt ,  Food for Beginners ,  and How the Other Half Dies: The Real Reasons for World Hunger.

Ann Pettifor Ann Pettifor is executive director of Advocacy International, an international organisation working with low-income countries and with organisations working to promote positive development, investment and environmental sustainability in those countries. In the 1990s she helped design and lead an international campaign, Jubilee 2000, which succeeded in persuading a large swathe of world public opinion, as well as world leaders, to cancel $100bn of debt owed by 42 countries. Jubilee 2000 became a template for campaigns such as that of Howard Dean in the 2004 US Primaries; and the Make Poverty History campaign of 2005. In December, the British Chancellor, Gordon Brown paid tribute to the Jubilee 2000 campaign.  Her books include The Coming First World Debt Crisis and The Real World Economic Outlook: The Legacy of Globalization – Debt and Deflation.

Andrew Simms Andrew Simms is Policy Director for the New Economics Foundation and head of the Climate Change programme at the Centre for Global Interdependence.  He is a board member of Greenpeace UK and The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) Europe, was an advisor to Michael Meacher as shadow Overseas Development Minister, and was one of the original campaigners for the Jubilee 2000 Coalition debt campaign.  His publications include several reports on climate change, globalisation and localisation, development issues, debt, corporate accountability and, genetic engineering and food security, and two books,  Ecological Debt: The Health Of The Planet And The Wealth Of Nations and Tescopoly: How One Shop Came Out On Top And Why It Matters.

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