2010 Conference

Schumacher North Conference 2010


Beyond Consumerism

Left Bank Centre, Cardigan Road, Leeds Saturday 23 October 2010

250 people from all walks of life took part in a day of lively debate, challenging ideas and creative exploration looking at the question: What would our society look like if its primary goal became authentic physical and mental well-being for everyone, instead of the pursuit of material wealth and technological progress? What creative and practical steps can we take now, communally and individually, to bring this possibility nearer to reality?

3 stimulating talks from our keynote speakers, Jonathan Dawson from Findhorn Ecovillage, Mary Clear from Incredible Edible Todmorden, and Daniel Harris, Creating World Peace workshop leader, started off the opening plenary discussion, which was followed by a World Cafe session exploring the main conference theme.

Following a shared lunch, 16 workshops allowed participants to explore different aspects of the ‘post-consumerist’ society in depth; the day concluded with Open Space with a further 15 conversations hosted by participants.

We invite you to continue these conversations on our web Forums – if you are interested in being involved in planning for the next conference, or other Schumacher North events, come to our Annual Gathering on 17 November and help us plan our next year’s activities.

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