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Zero Carbon Yorkshire

Zero Carbon Yorkshire Launched in Leeds  – 27 February 2016

ZCY Leap Year2

27th February 2016 – Campaigners from across Yorkshire came together at Leeds Civic Hall to launch the Zero Carbon Yorkshire initiative to rally people around bold policies that can transition Yorkshire off fossil fuels to tackle climate change and inequality. Zero Carbon Yorkshire are linking in their launch with the Leap Year, arguing that ‘small steps are no longer enough, it is time to make a leap’.

Zero Carbon Yorkshire is aiming for Yorkshire to be the first Zero Carbon region in Britain, with a roadmap as to how Yorkshire can accelerate the transition to renewable energy, insulate our homes to a high standard and radically improve our transport system.  ZCY is building a broad-based,region-wide movement that will bring together businesses, local government, academia, religious groups, campaigners and individuals  in a new and ground-breaking partnership to forge a better future for Yorkshire, demonstrating what a clean, green, renewable-energy-driven powerhouse England’s largest county has the potential to become.

The international climate summit in Paris left us in no doubt that radical changes to our economy are required to achieve the greenhouse gas emissions reductions needed to keep the climate within safe limits. It is clear that we cannot rely on governments alone to take the action needed to tackle climate change – the real solutions will come from the people, from local communities working together with the determination to take control of our own lives and our local economy.  As many parts of  Yorkshire are having to fight  against fracking schemes, fuel poverty and poor air quality, the Zero Carbon Yorkshire campaign  offers a chance to rally around a vision for the world we actually do want. We want to bring warm homes, clean community-owned energy, better public transport and local climate jobs to Yorkshire within the next 10-15 years. It is an ambitious goal but, if we roll our sleeves up and get to work, it can be done. Join us!

More information: www.zerocarbonyorkshire.org

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Schumacher North Annual Gathering

Saturday May 21st, 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. at Ebor Court, Skinner Street, Leeds LS1 4ND.  Note Revised Date and Venue

Full details available very shortly.

Vision 2050 Collaborative Conversations

‘Collaborative Conversations’ is an exciting programme of events, organised by Schumacher North in collaboration with a range of partner organisations and funded by the National Lottery, aimed at building a broad-based movement committed to an achievable strategy towards a zero-carbon economy in our region.  Here are some of the planned events:

  • One Planet York Festival
    Showcasing both commercial and community-based examples of the ‘Ten Principles of One Planet Living’ developed by Bioregional Ltd. and WWF (more info at www.oneplanetliving.com/).  Scheduled to take place on June 15th 2016 – contact Schumacher North for more information.
  • Community Energy Workshop
    In collaboration with Calderdale Council and Bradford City Council.  Planned for May 2016 – further information available soon.
  • Strategies for a Sustainable World
    A residential intensive for environmental and social activists – in partnership with Oasis School of Human Relations.  To be held in Autumn 2016
  • Zero Carbon Yorkshire – Yorkshire Energy Futures Conference
    A major conference on accelerating the transition to a renewable energy economy, featuring initiatives from the community energy, municipal and commercial sectors.Date and venue to be confirmed – currently planned for late 2016 in Hull

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