Business Ecology for Connected Business


This is my first post as executive director of the I’m eager to engage with all of you who have been working on this already or who would like to be part of this important initiative moving forward. — Abbie Lundberg

Information technology’s effect on businesses over the past 25 years has been in many ways like the effect of radiation on comic book superheroes: We’ve gained some amazing powers, but they come with unfortunate side effects. The stitching together of new features and abilities as they’ve come along has caused inefficiency and dysfunction — and at the extreme end of the spectrum, some truly stunning business technology failures. It’s certainly made it hard to adapt business models and operations quickly as the environment continues to change.

Well it’s time to make sense of all this mess; it’s time for business ecology.

Business ecology is about creating a new model for technology-enabled business – one that eliminates waste while creating a more resilient and responsive business operating model. It starts with a more holistic approach to planning, understanding and managing the enterprise, recognizing that everything is interconnected and so nothing can be managed in isolation. Like an ecosystem.

Business ecology addresses business process flows, data design, and the mechanisms you use to control your business – from governance to incentives to event processing. A key foundational piece of all this is business architecture. The OMG Business Architecture special interest group defines business architecture as “a blueprint of the enterprise that provides a common understanding of the organization and is used to align strategic objectives and tactical demands.” More on this in a future post.

One last thing about business ecology: It requires that business and technology become as one. No more trying to get aligned. We’re all in this together.

By now you’ve figured it out: Business ecology is big, and it’s hugely ambitious. Never one to shrink from a good challenge, I’m delighted to take on the role of executive director of the Business Ecology Initiative, a member-driven organization founded by the Object Management Group to provide education, advocacy and a forum to develop actionable means to put the business ecology precepts into practice.

Over the coming months, we’ll be further evolving the business ecology concept and fleshing out the key enablers