40:20 Campaign for Leeds

Get Serious!  40:20 Campaign for Leeds
 Schumacher North

Leeds City Council has committed to 40% CO2 cuts by 2020!

Thank you for helping to make it happen


Thanks to the support of hundreds of Leeds residents, the first stage of the Leeds 40:20 campaign has been a resounding success – on January 20th Leeds City Council voted 68 – 12 to commit to reducing the city’s CO2 emissions by 40% by 2020.

Now we need to ensure the Council lives up to its promise by getting involved in the debate on how the city needs to change over the next 10 years to make this happen, and at the same time to create a better, more sustainable city for all members of our community.

Leeds Council can deliver 40% by 2020 for Leeds because of its responsibility for Housing, Energy and Transport.  Appropriate measures in these areas can deliver the cuts as well as lower fuel bills and warmer homes, more green jobs, and a stronger local economy.  We will be negotiating with the council and inputting into the Leeds Initiative’s Vision for Leeds 2030 consultation over the next few months to try to ensure that the new strategy is the best possible one for our city.

Please contact Schumacher North or Leeds Friends of the Earth if you want to get involved.