Female in equality for mega rich

With gender equality becoming an ever increasing topic and companies changing old school policies to make sure there is equality for all there has been a big rise in Female CEO’s and business leaders. While businesses are doing more and more to ensure that all genders are treated equally there is still a gap in the numbers of female board members.

The EU established a new policy in 2017 to push for a quota to increase the number of female board members. This is to address the issue of slow progress in large organisations to address the gender equality in high management positions within PLCs. Under this new initiative companies that have a ration of more than 60% men to women in non executive director positions would be make to priorities women when presented with two candidates of equal merit for the same post.

While this is a seen by some as a good and necessary step to realise equality at this level previous attempts of this kind of initative have been blocked by several companies who have accused the EU of meddling into domestic affairs.

Get Me My Mortgage have carried out a study into the top 20 richest people within the UK, this study not only highlights that the majority of the people on the list are self made and have worked for their fortune instead of inheriting it. But actually further highlights the in equality at the very top of the rich list. The study reveals that only 20% of the people on the list are women and none of the women on the list have made it without family money or businesses.

In 2020 there are alot more opportunities for women in the work place and while some companies still have old school views and are seen as having a ‘boys club’ at the top there are plenty of companies embracing the skills and intelligence that a female director can offer to any business. Hopefully as we move further towards true equality we will see a rise in the number of Female entrepreneurs and business women rising to the top.