Schumacher North – A Regional Forum for Deep Ecology, Eco-Philosophy and Social Transformation

E.F. Schumacher pioneered the ideas of sustainable development, human-scale technology and ecological spirituality in the 1960s and 70s.

Since his death in 1977 an international community has grown up around his philosophy, centring in the UK on the annual Schumacher Lectures in Bristol and elsewhere and on Resurgence magazine and Schumacher College in Devon.

The intention of Schumacher North is to bring to the North of England the kind of programmes of events, publications and debates on the deep issues of ecological and social transformation that have been provided by the Schumacher Society in Bristol and Schumacher College in Devon over the past 30 years. These and a number of other organisations (see Links page for more details) comprise the Schumacher Circle, of which Schumacher North is a member.

As well as organising the annual Leeds Schumacher Conference, Schumacher North offers a varied programme of talks, residential and non-residential courses, and works with a number of partner organisations to develop new programmes which will promote the ideas of deep ecology and eco-spirituality in the region.

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