October Retreat Reflections

Last month a small number of like-minded folk gathered at Currer Laithe Farm in Keighley for our Schumacher North October Retreat. The focus of the weekend was ‘sharing ways in which we can awaken to a deeper connection with life and each other’ and it turned out to be a nourishing weekend for both body and spirit.

Feedback from Retreat participants:

“I really enjoyed the retreat and meeting so many different people with different perspectives on all the issues we face today. There were both formal and informal sessions where we discussed many topics. We were so lucky with the weather which was glorious. I particularly enjoyed going on cold but bright walks in the beautiful surrounding countryside. I will always remember the animals which live at the farm. The dogs which chased after the car as we left and the goats and cows that live at the farm. The food was delicious and it was good to see how creative and nourishing vegan cooking can be. All in all a great retreat again and thanks to Anna for organizing it and everyone for being there.” Mary

I had a wonderful time. Meeting people new and known, seeing developments in people and the world and being given the opportunity to share perspectives. The thing I loved most about the weekend was the shared respect I encountered. Honestly, this is for me becoming a cultural rarity. I came away with an absolute belief that people care and that the issue facing us is a human one, we need to trust each other, listen to each other and act to our individual passions. Coming to the Schumacher weekend for me is like being filled up with hope and it keeps me going. Till next year a very sincere Thank you for arranging it. X x x. Helen

“I really enjoyed the weekend. For me, being clearer about the structure would have made it easier (e.g. when there was “free time, to walk/ nap” etc…) but I know not everyone would feel this way. Big hug”