Rebooting Schumacher North

A General Meeting and facilitated workshop to explore new directions and ways forward for Schumacher North

2:00 – 5:00 p.m., Saturday November 29th at Ebor Court, Skinner Street, Leeds LS1 4ND
(Please ring 07948 705 731 to gain access to the building)

Schumacher North launched with a bang at the 2007 Leeds Schumacher Lectures, when an audience of 400 gathered to hear three internationally renowned speakers address the crucial issues of Peace, Ecology and Spirituality in the 21st Century.

Since then we have staged some 40 events, including evening lectures, day workshops, residential weekend courses and retreats, as well as the 2008 Leeds Schumacher Lectures and 2009, 2010 and 2012 Schumacher Conferences.  We’ve also worked together with other environmental and social and economic justice groups on campaigning, especially on climate change.

We’ve received a lot of positive feedback on these events and campaigns – but we’ve also had a difficult time sustaining the momentum and building a long-term base for our activities.  Funding has been hard to come by, and most of the concerned folk who support what we do are themselves thinly stretched in these difficult times.

We think Schumacher North needs  a ‘reboot’!  We’d like to ask for your help – perhaps you have skills, time or energy that could help us to reach more people, become more financially sustainable, or otherwise increase our effectiveness.  Even if you don’t have any of these things you might have some great ideas or insights that will help us to move forward.

We would like to be more proactive in offering opportunities for people to help and get involved.  If you have gained value from attending Schumacher North events in the past, or simply believe that what we are trying to do is worthwhile, please come along to the meeting and share your thoughts, comments, vision and inspiration with us.

Thanks to PeopleHelpPeople ( for helping us think through our issues and for offering to facilitate the workshop on the 29th.


Rebooting Schumacher North — 3 Comments

  1. David, I’m afraid I’m in the Lake District this coming week-end so can’t attend the ‘reboot’ but I am interested in helping Schumacher North.


  2. Thanks for the email. I have had little involvement in Schumacher North, but I did attend the conference at Swarthmore and found it a very interesting, inspiring and worthwhile event. More like that, maybe?

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