Northern Schumacher Lecture 2013: Sacred Economics

Northern Schumacher Lecture 2013

Charles Eisenstein

Sacred Economics: Money and the Crisis of Civilization

7 p.m., Friday November 22nd, Tempest Anderson Hall, York


Charles Eisenstein, visionary author of two widely acclaimed books, spoke in York about his latest ideas for tackling the multiple crises – economic, political and above all environmental – that are pushing humanity into a radically different paradigm of economics, science and society.  Far from despairing about the widespread culture of separation, exploitation and self-interest, in this inspiring lecture he offered new and practical ways to challenge them and, instead, create a world where generosity, compassion and a sense of the sacred become the major themes of our economic relationships. A rare chance to hear and dialogue with one of the most insightful and visionary thinkers alive today.

Charles Eisenstein’s books – The Ascent of Humanity (2007) and Sacred Economics (2011) are available for free download from his website:

Videos of the talk are now available (in four parts) on YouTube:

Introduction by David Midgley:

Optimism (and a summary of his world view, for future reference):

Intermission for 10 minutes of discussion between members of the audience – in pairs

What if money were no barrier to action:



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    • We’d love to make the lecture available online – will try to make sure it is recorded, online streaming might be more difficult. If anyone is in a position to organise this please get in touch.


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