Schumacher North Retreat

Currer Laithe Farm, 14-16 June 2013

This will be Schumacher North’s third residential weekend retreat -for those who haven’t been before, the weekend usually includes some meditation or morning practice, a good walk or 2, possibly some circle dancing and/or singing, cooking and eating together, with very much the feeling of people ‘mucking in’ together. All this along with stimulating discussion and good company, and up to you how much you join in. It begins Friday evening with supper and ends after lunch on Sunday.

Individual contributions in terms of leading a discussion, presenting some favourite videos, or bringing some home cooked food, all welcome. We will also need to make sure we clean up after ourselves!

Here is a quote from a recent Schumacher North discussion which could serve as a theme around which to base some of the discussions and other content:

‘Basically we have been looking intensively at the question – Where can we find realistic hope, and what practically can we do to contribute to the creation of a fair, sustainable, harmonious world?  We looked in some detail at the facts, figures and principles, and at some of the more philosophical aspects such as Gaia Theory; now people want to continue to explore how we can develop our own individual contribution and support one another to be effective and not grind to a halt in despair.’

Cost is on a sliding scale between £40 – £80 for the weekend including food, depending on ability to pay.  Possibility of offering some bursaries in exchange for volunteering help.

The venue in Keighley is very accessible, comfortable, and attractive – for more information and pictures see their website,

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