Vision 2050 Collaborative Conversations

‘Collaborative Conversations’ is an exciting new programme of events, organised by Schumacher North in collaboration with broad range of partner organisations and funded by the National Lottery, aimed at building a broad-based movement committed to an achievable strategy towards a zero-carbon economy in our region.  The programme will consist of a series of six public consultation events that will bring together different stakeholder groups to explore how we can ‘up the ante’ on tackling climate change and agree on a credible, economically viable and achievable route to a genuinely clean, green and fair local and regional economy.

Organisational partners and target audiences are drawn from both public, private and Third (voluntary) sectors, and the events aim to draw out both differences and convergences between the different interest groups, to find a way forward that can command a broad enough base of support to really move beyond ‘Business as Usual’ scenarios and make our region a pioneer in the race to beat climate change.

Partner organisations we are already working with on the various events and on the overall project include: Oasis School of Human Relations, Friends of the Earth, Third Sector Leeds, Involve Yorkshire and Humber, York Environment Forum and Community Energy England; we are also in discussions with Siemens, Northern Powergrid, and other potential partners.

Events held and planned include:

  • Equity and Ecology – Building a Fair and Sustainable Local Economy

Held 25th September 2015 at the St. George’s Centre, Leeds. 60 people attended, including a variety of speakers from the Council, and other projects. 6 topics were discussed in the workshop by attendants who also came up with 6 recommendations.

  • Zero Carbon Yorkshire
    Zero Carbon Yorkshire launched on 27 February 2016 at Leeds Civic Hall.  80 campaigners, academics, local government representatives and officers, business people and other concerned individuals came together for a high-energy day of Open Space conversations covering all aspects of tackling Climate Change.
  • One Planet York Festival

Held at the Ron Cooke Hub, The University of York on 15t June 2016, showcasing both commercial and community-based examples of the ‘Ten Principles of One Planet Living’ developed by Bioregional Ltd. and WWF. 25 ‘Early Pledger’ organisations attended the information and networking event, along with the Mayor of York Dave Taylor, and keynote speaker Gary Topp. (more info at

  • Community Energy workshop

In collaboration with Calderdale and Bradford Councils – planned for May 2016, details available shortly.

  • Strategies for a Sustainable World

A residential intensive for environmental and social activists – in partnership with Oasis School of Human Relations.