Zero Carbon Yorkshire Launch

First steps to a post-carbon Yorkshire!

Zero Carbon Yorkshire launched with a bang on 27 February 2016 at Leeds Civic Hall.  80 campaigners, academics, local government representatives and officers, businesspeople and other concerned individuals came together for a high-energy day of Open Space conversations covering all aspects of tackling Climate Change, including Community Energy, Low Energy and PassivHaus buildings, flood risk management, divestment for fossil fuels, opposition to fracking and much more – over 30 conversations generated a raft of exciting ideas and action proposals that we will be following up in the months to come.

There will be a full report of the outcomes of the event soon on the Zero Carbon Yorkshire website,  In the meantime, if you want to be kept in touch and get involved, you can affiliate to Zero Carbon Yorkshire here.  You will receive regular email updates on its activities

Zero Carbon Yorkshire is an initiative of Schumacher North, together with partners including Friends of the Earth, Oasis School of Human Relations and others.  Its aim is to make sure Yorkshire is among the first UK regions to formulate and deliver a viable Zero Carbon strategy.  We want to work with activist groups, local authorities, businesses, public sector bodies, universities and individuals in every Yorkshire city, town and district to design local Zero Carbon Plans, and combine these into a regional strategy that will command huge public support – then demand that the UK government gets out of our way and lets us get on with it!

Please join us, tell all your friends, visit the Zero Carbon Yorkshire website, join the Facebook group – and come to the Inaugural General Meeting on Tuesday 3rd May



Zero Carbon Yorkshire Launch — 4 Comments

  1. At the same time as receiving notification of zero carbon yorkshire launch day I received an email from Save Leeds Green Belt who are very concerned about plans to build a new road link to Leeds Bradford Airport to allow it to continue to expand passenger numbers. However they do not seem to question the argument that an expanded airport is vital for the prosperity of our region instead they propose a rail link. What would the future of the airport be in a zero carbon Yorkshire?

  2. This raises so many interesting questions! Do we want hydrogen powered flight – or should everyone stay on the ground? Airplane emissions are currently not counted in local or national carbon statistics – can we say the region is zero carbon if they are not? I don’t think so, but politicians may find this hard to digest.

    What about offsetting? It has a bad reputation but maybe there is a case for a ‘Gold Standard’ offset scheme that would genuinely protect threatened ecosystems and restore the planet’s capacity to absorb CO2.

    We can explore this, and hundreds of other issues, on 27 Feb.

    • Well, we’ve now moved the date but there is an even worse clash – the new date, 27 February, clashes with the NATIONAL Green Party Conference in Harrogate! We’ve had to go with this date – there are always clashes and though this one is particularly regrettable we just couldn’t find another date that worked, for various reasons.

      In future maybe we need some kind of central clearing house for planning green events – or maybe it already exists but I don’t know about it??

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